How to Install Different Modules of DotNetNuke?

Dot Net Nuke comes with lots of modules and the process is really easy to configure each module. Now we see how to Install DotNetNuke Forum module? It takes only three steps to administer and to install Module.

Once you successfully logged into your DNN portal with the UserName, at the top of the page you will see a menu. Please, select “Add New Module” by clicking on the radio button. Now from the drop-down module menu please select “Forum” option. Please enter a title of your choice which will be further displayed as title of your forum. Choose a specific location from the “Pane” drop down menu and decide where you want your forum to be shown. Apply the new forum settings by clicking on the”Add” button.

After the page is refreshed you will be able to see your Forum in the specified location selected by you in the previous step. To change your forum settings, just click on the Settings icon, located at the right-hand side at the bottom of the forum panel, and you will be able to adjust different features of your forum appearance. To administer you just have to simply hold your mouse cursor at the top left corner of the Forum panel and make your choice from the drop down menu.

With DotNetNuke hosting allows you to add a numerous types of modules such as Blogs, Calendars and many more. It will help you to make your website a better place to visit. You should simply undertake the above described steps to install Different DNN Modules.

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