How to Install DNS on Windows 2008 Dedicated Server ?

When installing an Active Directory on a Windows Server 2008, generally an error occurs if you have not configured the DNS for the domain.

An error occurred while the wizard was installing DNS, you will have to configure DNS for this domain manually.

Domain Name Server (DNS) is a very important and mandatory element required for proper functioning and in order to install the active directory on your windows dedicated server 2008. It is extremely vital that you must have a healthy DNS running on your network, before you put your hands into the Active Directory. The DNS Server role is always installed on a domain controller and the DNS zones are integrated with Active Directory Domain Services.

Steps to Configure Domain Name Server (DNS) on your Windows Server 2008 #

Step 1: Login into your Windows Server 2008.

Step 2: Click on Start >> Server Manager. This will open up the Server Manager Console, click on the “Roles” listed on the left side panel of your server manager console. (See image below)


Step 3: Click on the “Add Role” and the “Add Roles Wizard” will be displayed. Simply, hit the “Next” button (See image below)


Once you hit the “Next” button the “Server Roles” window will appear. (See image below)


Step 4: You need to select the “DNS Server” by ticking the check box in-front of it and Hit the Next button.

Here you will get a DNS Server overview page where you will find some introduction to the DNS Server. (See image below)


Step 5: Hit the “Next” button when you are finish reading it. Once you hit the next button, you will get the Confirmation page of installation.


Step 6: Hit the Install button to start the DNS Server installation process. Once you click the install button you will get the Progress window showing initializing installation. (See image below)


After some time you will get the Installation Results window conveying a message “Installation Succeeded”.(See image below)


Step 7: Lastly, hit the “Close” button to escape from the installation window.

That’s it ! The DNS should be installed on your windows 2008 server. Now you know, how to install DNS Server on your Windows 2008 Dedicated Server.

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