How to Install vBulletin Forum

vBulletin is a commercial Internet forum software developed in open source programming language PHP with MySQL database server supports to manage large database. vbulletin is a forum which can be configured according to the needs and requirements of website and its services. It has different categories where people share their knowledge or can ask their problems over  different categories of forums to find some answers. It has different features like it allows,

  • Cross-content search system providing a single interface to search across forum posts, blog entries and comments and other supported products.
  • Improved search performance
  • Easy to customize and manage
  • SEO features, including friendly URLs
  • Administrative control over every activity

Now lets see how to install  V bulletin forum,

  • The first step towards installing vBulletin is purchased a license copy and download the latest vBulletin package, upload it to your web server and run the installer script.
  • But before installing   vBulletin you need to have PHP and MySQL created database to store forum data.
  • Once you have download the package Extract the archive in a separate folder of your computer.
  • “Upload” This is the folder which content must be uploaded on your account with some important files of vBULletin forum like icense_agreement.html, vb3_readme.html  and vb3_readme.txt.
  • Now upload and install Forum files to your account but there are two ways, If you want a domain to redirect towards your forum then you can easily upload the contents of the upload folder in the ‘public_html’ folder of hosting account. Then the URL for your forum will be And if you want to make forum as a part of your website then put it into a subfolder and the commonly used names for the folder is board, bboard, forum, phorum, community, but you are free to select the name whatever you want for your forum. Then the URL for your forum will be:
  • Create required database tables and upload the files that are in the “upload” folder to the desired location.

To run a vBulletin forum on your website you will need a fast and secure hosting solution and InslyHost has high configuration hosting packages at so affordable prices to run secure hosting.

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