How to Monitor Network Services Using Netstat Command ?

If you own a mission-critical website and has very sensitive data on your linux dedicated server, it is very much necessary to monitor your linux dedicated server in order to prevent attacks on your server, server crashes and other critical issues that could harm your data. There are several tools available on market which helps you in monitoring your linux dedicated server, however, Linux based dedicated servers consists on some powerful tools which you can use for both monitoring and troubleshooting.

Netstat is a network utility tool available in the Linux based servers, which can be used to monitor network services. It informs you about the processes that are using a port. Usually, the netstat displays all the ports in use and used by all of the processes, however, you can limit those to only a specific port simply by using the “grep” command.

As an example, if you wish to see, which service is running on the port 80, you will need to enter the following:

netstat -ant | grep 80

If the command is entered properly, it will show you the Apache child processes running on the port 80.

If you wish to check the number of port 80 connections, you will have to type:

netstat -an |grep :80 |wc -l

Lastly, if you wanted to see, which ports your linux dedicated server is listening on, simply enter the following:

netstat -ant | grep LISTEN

Netstat is one of the most strongest linux commands, especially when you utilize it in coordination with “grep”.  To know more about the netstat and grep command simply fire these commands “man netstat” and “man grep” from your command line.

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