How to restore data and backups of a website?

Q. What if all my data is lost and I don’t have any backup, how can you help me to restore the lost data of my website? #

Ans. We maintain daily backups of all databases and weekly full backups of all files and other data in case of shared hosting and reseller hosting servers. In case of VPS Hosting, we maintain weekly full backups of all nodes. Backup is usually carried out on every Saturday, so we would be able to restore data from the available backup of last Saturday in case you lose the data.

If you wish to maintain separate backup of all your data, you can opt for our Offsite Data Backup Service. Offsite data backup solution is a secure, simple and affordable solution to backup important data. At inslyHost, we use Rsync back up software tool which is one of the easiest ways to backup your important data. This backup service allows our corporate customers to keep a daily backup of their mission critical data. We don’t think anything would be as good as this for those who are running dynamic websites.

So if you wish to maintain a separate backup space on a remote server where you can connect through FTP and we can setup rsync mirroring then you should consider our Offsite Data Backup Service.

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