How to restore Fantastico backup?

Fantastico is a feature included in the cPanel which is in technical terms known as a commercial script library that automates the installation of any web application to a website. This scripts are generally executed from the administrative area of a website which includes control panel such as cPanel hosting accounts. Fantastico’s web site claims that they are installed on ten thousand servers, with a million users worldwide.  When a new website is created Fantastico scripts are usually used to create tables in a database, install software, adjust permissions, and modify web server configuration files.

Back up is the most important thing in hosting a business online. So lets see some steps to restore the back up of Fantastico. There are two ways of restoring a Fantastico backup. The first, and of course the easiest is to raise a ticketo your hosting service provider and  request Support Team to do it for you.

In second opinion you should have to take and restore the backup yourself.
Just download the entire Fantastico backup archive of the application. Which is located in the fantastico backups/ directory.

  • Extract the backup archive file on your local computer.
  • Now get connected with your account using an FTP client and delete all of the script’s files.
  • Upload all your files from the extracted archive to your account using the FTP client.
  • Enter User name and Password to get Login to your cPanel and click on the Databases box and click on phpMyAdmin.
  • Select the database which is used by the script and empty all tables.
  • Click on the ‘Import’ tab and browse your local copy of the backup archive until you find a file called backup.sql.
  • Now import the database.

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