How to Setup VPS on a dedicated server?

How to Setup VPS’s on a dedicated server? #

If you want to resell VPS’s by creating it on dedicated server then is the right place for you. We will assist you with the complete setup of VPS’s on a dedicated server along with complete management techniques, additional licensing involved etc…

1) The first and foremost thing you will need to consider a server before the setup , that you need to figure out as to how many VPS’s will you setup on a dedicated server along with calculation of your dedicated server profit. You can check the Dedicated server specifications and prices from the following link:-

Dedicated Server Node Configurations

Following is the calculation:

If your dedicated server node costs: £200/Month

You can create 20 VPS’s on dedicated server and price each VPS at £30.00/Month. So that means 20 VPS’s x £30/Month = £600.00/Month

2) Next step is to opt for a Virtualization Software you want to install on your dedicated server. If you opt for OpenVZ, there will be no licensing cost however, if you opt for Virtuozzo Power Panel, following is the VPS licensing structure:-

VZ 1VElicense= £11/month

VZ 3VElicense= £20/month

VZ 5VElicense= £27/month

VZ 20VE license= £48/month

VZ 30VE license= £61/month

VZ 40VE license= £75/month

VZ 50VE license= £88/month

VZ 60VE license= £101/month

VZ 70VE license= £109/month

VZ 80VE license= £115/month

VZ 90VE license= £122/month

VZ 100VE license= £129/month



for example if you want to setup 20 VPS’s, you will require 20 VE licenses. That means, £200 + £48 = £248.00USD Per Month. In-order to manage your VPS’s you will also need to install VZMC on your Dedicated server node.

3) Once the VPS is setup on server you will need to think over the installation of cPanel or Plesk or any other control panel on each VPS. You will need to install cPanel or Plesk on each VPS as per your client’s requirements.

Following are the pricing structure of Plesk and Cpanel for each VPS :

Plesk 10 Domains: £2/Month

Plesk 30 Domains: £4/Month

Plesk 100 Domains: £7/Month

Plesk 300 Domains: £11/Month

Plesk Unlimited Domains: £14/Month.

WHM/cPanel : £5/Month

vskin License / Installation with cPanel : £20/Year Per VPS

RVSiteBuilder Pro : £7/Month Per VPS

RVSiteBuilder Lite : £5/Per Month Per VPS

Note: You can install any control panel as per client request. Cpanel and Plesk are the two control panel that provide best performance with VPS.

Billing System installation and management:

To manage billing account you will need to install Billing Software such as WHMCS Or Modernbill – Type of billing account for management of the billing account. We suggest that you should consider WHMCS Automated Billing System for which the pricing are as follows:

WHMCS Automated Billing Software:

Monthly Price (Powered By Line in Client Area): £13/Month

Monthly Price (None): £20/Month

Owned License (Powered By Line in Client Area): £202 (One-Time)

Owned License (None): £270

Q: Do will provide support with the setup?

Ans: Yes, we will assist you with the complete installation of Virtualization software, Control panels: cPanel – Plesk installations, Installation of WHMCS.

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