How to Start, Stop and Restart Services on Linux Dedicated Server

Generally, in Linux dedicated servers, there are two different kind of programs running, one which needs user interaction and another which execute tasks without user involvement. The programs that execute tasks in the background are normally known as “services” and “daemons”.

Basically, there are many services required on servers to run the background such as DB Server, Firewall, Web Server, DNS System, Mail Server, etc… Due to these various services, it is very much essential to know the exact procedure of starting, stopping and restarting the services.

The procedure of start, stop and restart the services may change as per the linux distributions. Here in this article we are going to see how to start, stop and restart services in CentOS Dedicated Server.

There are two different methods through which you can start, stop and restart any desired service:

How to Start a Service? #

First Method:
/etc/init.d/service-name start

Second Method:
service service-name start

How to Stop a service? #

First Method:
/etc/init.d/service-name stop

Second Method:
service service-name stop

How to Check the Status of a Service: (whether it is running or not) #

First Method:
/etc/init.d/service-name status

Second Method:
service service-name status

How to restart a service on dedicated server? #

First Method:
/etc/init.d/service-name restart

Second Method:
service service-name restart

It might be possible that few services may have extra command settings. To find the available ones, enter:

First Method:
/etc/init.d/rsync [start, stop, reload, force-reload, restart, status]

Second Method:
service rsync

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