Install Additional Perl Libraries via cPanel

Ans: If you are on one of our shared hosting or reseller hosting plans, then you won’t have the ability to install Perl libraries yourself at your end. You can only install Perl modules from your end if you are on a VPS, Semi-Dedicated Server or a Dedicated Server as you get full root SSH access on all these web hosting UK types. You can log into the shell as root and install the Perl modules of your choice via the command line.

Once logged in, from any directory, type:

echo "HTML::Template" | /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/perlmod -i

(in this case, the module we want to install is HTML::Template).

If you want, we can install additional Perl modules as per your request. All you need to do is raise a support ticket via our helpdesk or contact our live chat support and we will get this done for you.

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