Install Mambo

what is mambo? Mambo is a Content Management System  also called as Open source CMS. It is an open source application which works behind your website to simplifies the creation, management, and sharing of content and resources. It is basically provides a simple user friendly environment and an intuitive tool that allows both newbies and experts a like to efficiently and easily manage the online content. It is a full-featured content management system that can be used for everything from simple websites to complex large organization applications.

Now we see how to install Mambo on a website. It takes only easy steps to install Mambo CMS on your website.

Mambo is a cPanel add on and can easily be founded on the main page of cPanel. Once you just made a click on the left part of the screen of cPanel a short description will appear on the right and click on the New Installation. Now you will have  to select a domain name for which you want to install Mambo. Please make sure that the selected domain already pointed to your hosting server otherwise the style will not get applied to your pages and your images will not be shown.

By leaving the Install in directory box empty you can make Mambo start page of your website. You can also save it in the specific subdirectory. If the folder should not exist then it will be create it  automatically during the installation.

Please type Logging details in Mambo hosting admin area In the Admin access data box. Now enter the name of your website in the Site name and  also enter the Admin full name and  Admin e-mail in the respective text boxes. If you are a beginner, we recommend to check the sample data before submitting your own content it will install sample articles and menu entries on your web site.

On the next page you will see the declaration of the data,  the URL to install Mambo and folder, the database and the database user name (created automatically). It can provide this page as well as notices about missing data or other system messages. Click the Finish Installation button to continue.

On the last page you will see the details of installation.
If you have selected the root directory you will be able to access the site using the address below
and the administrative interface will be found at:
In case you have decided to set Mambo in a specific directory then you will able to see it like,
The administrator login will be located at:

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