Installing Mod_Security on CentOS Server

For those who might not be aware, ModSecurity is an application firewall which helps in protecting the server from various sorts of script exploits that can be found in the web applications. With it, server admins can harden the security of the server, adding an enhanced protective layer to the network firewall.

How to Install ModSecurity on CentOS Dedicated Server ? #

Step i : You must fire the below command to add the ModSecurity repository manually

cd /etc/yum.repos.d

Step ii : Proceed further with creating a file called utterramblings.repo

touch utterramblings.repo

Step iii : You must now make amendments to this file with “vi” or “nano” with including the below stated information :



name=Jason’s Utter Ramblings Repo









Step iv : Then, run the below command for installing the packages onto your server :

yum install mod_security

This enable you with a functioning version of mod_security installed and can be readily used over your Apache web server.

Step v : Configure mod_security according to your requirements.

The benefits of compiling mod_security in a yum repository is that, it would get updated automatically with the other updates of yum.

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