Ioncube conflict with zend optimizer on a reseller account?

Q. I use several lite commerce shopping carts and they use ioncube which has a conflict with zend optimizer. If I had a reseller account I think I could not disable zend. I have been told by lite commerce this needs to be disabled. Am I correct, Do I a need vps? #

Ans :- We have Zend and Ioncube running simultaneously on all our servers and none of our customers ever have had any such problems. If Zend needs to be disabled for the shopping carts then you should proceed with VPS Hosting and we will make sure that we install only Ioncube for you and that zend remains disabled. For experimental purpose you can sign-up for our standard reseller plan and see if ioncube works for you without disabling Zend. If you decide to upgrade then we will forward the credit of Reseller Hosting to your VPS Hosting package.

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