Is the SSH access server in Africa?

Q. Are the SSH access enabled servers in Africa? #

Ans :- SSH access is allowed on few of our  based shared hosting servers. We have a couple of shared servers in UK reserved for clients who need SSH access in shared hosting environment. Jailed Shell access is available on these servers specifically reserved for SSH Hosting. If you need full root access then You should consider our VPS HostingCloud hosting or Dedicated Server as VPS, Cloud server and Dedicated Servers allow full root access along with complete control and flexibility to install and run applications of choice.

Linux geeks always demand SSH access as it helps them to perform many complicated tasks in couple of seconds. Changing permission and ownership of files, replacing specific words in multiple files, moving multiple files and folders in different directories, downloading data from remote servers and restoring data becomes very simple if you have SSH access enabled on the server. SSH Hosting has some disadvantages as well in shared web hosting environment as any wrong commands fired by customers can create problem for whole shared server. Jailed shell access enforces restrictions on customers, but jailed shell SSH access helps you with all basic needs which need to be performed with SSH Access.

There are no such restrictions enforced on VPS, Cloud Server and Dedicated server customers, but those with incomplete knowledge of Linux commands should consider cPanel / WHM control panel for most of their needs. Always follow a simple policy of avoiding use of ” / ” in your commands. Most of the times you end up chowning or deleting files and folders from the base of your server if you fire a wrong command. Deleting files and folders from / of your server or vps will end up in removal of some important libraries which will leave only one option ahead of you and that would be OS reload. 🙂

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