Joomla Web Hosting

Q. Do you offer Joomla Web Hosting? #

Ans.Yes, Joomla is supported on all our web hosting plans.  All our Linux web hosting and windows hosting plans support Joomla as it is PHP MySQl based. PHP and MySQL is pre installed on all our servers. We are proud to host many Joomla websites and we have gained expertise in managing Joomla websites.  Everything you need for a Joomla website is included on our website  hosting packages including fast and servers , multiple resources and moreover 24×7 support via phone,email and live chat service.

Joomla installation and setup is easier on our cPanel hosting packages. You can install Joomla and other open source applications at one click through Fantastico. Our cPanel hosting package is highly recommended for a Joomla website.

Joomla Installation and folder permissions #

We have no problem with files and folders with nobody ownership or 777 permissions, as security rules implemented on our server will not allow anyone to upload anything that would create problems for server.

If you ever face any sort of problem with your Joomla installation then you may contact our support staff directly from or you can start a new thread in our forum as we have hundreds of webmasters on our forum active throughout the day and they have expertise in Joomla website management.

inslyHost is most trusted company in Africa for Joomla Hosting due to the high level security on our servers. Joomla websites face constant intrusion and hacking attempts with other hosting companies due to poor security settings on the server and insecure code of Joomla CMS. Most of the times injections are done on the files and folders with 777 permission as this permission makes them world writable, but this is not possible on our servers as mod_security rules on our servers filter such invalid arguments passed by the intruders.

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