Making Your WordPress Site iPhone Friendly Using WPTouch Plugin

Nowadays, mobile phones have become one of the popular way of communication and internet services allows them to browser websites, portals and e-mails on their phone. Making your website mobile friendly is very essential for gaining new visitors and customers. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform that offers thousands of plugins to make your website effective for both search engines as well as visitors.

To make your website iPhone friendly, WordPress includes a most popular plugin that makes your website friendly with iPhone’s and other devices. Though your WordPress theme has a decent look, however you should not forget that people using different smartphones are increasing day-by-day. Any website without a mobile version could lose many visitors and customers that are browsing websites using their smartphones while moving.

Here in this tutorial, I will show you the most popular WP Touch WordPress plugin and how to make use of it to make your website iPhone friendly.

The good thing about this WPTouch plugin is that once it is activated, it will create a customized layout especially users that are using iPhone’s and other smartphones. Lets move further and see how to install and make use of it.

Installing WP Touch: iPhone Friendly WordPress Plugin #

Installing a WordPress plugin is pretty much simple. If you haven’t installed any plugin using the automatic install tool, please take a look at the Installing Plugins Automatically.

Step 1: Login into your WordPress dashboard and simply click on the Plugins option given on your left sidebar of your dashboard. Select “Add New” and enter WPTouch in the box and click on the Search button.

Step 2: Once you get the exact match in the results below, Click on the Install link and it will install the plugin automatically within few seconds showing the message “Plugin installed successfully”.

Step 3: Now, you just need to click on the “Activate Plugin” link to activate the WPTouch plugin.

Step 4: The last thing you need to do is to adjust the settings, simply click on the Settings option on the left sidebar of your dashboard and click on the WPTouch. Now, you can adjust the display settings and other options such as listing, categories, font, skin, etc.. as per your needs and customize your own mobile version website for your iPhone audience. Check out an example below:


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