Mambo Web Hosting

Do you offer Mambo Hosting?

Mambo Web Hosting is supported on all our servers.

Mambo is most powerful content management system (CMS) around. With the help of web based interface along with user friendly features you can create simpler as well as more complex corporate websites. Mambo is PHP MySQL based so Linux web hosting as well as  windows Web Hosting package will suited for Mambo website.

InslyHost is most trusted company in UK for Mambo Hosting due to the high level security on our servers. We have enabled mod_security rules on our servers which filters intrusions, hacking attempts and other invalid arguments passed by the intruders.

Mambo is easy to install on a website. If you have cPanel hosting package, you can install Mambo CMS at a one click through Fantastico.

All you need to do is select appropriate domain name and proceed with Mambo installation.

Mambo is easy to use or manage and website can be customized from easy to use administrative panel. You won’t need to be an IT expert as it is suited for newbies as well as advanced users.You can have a look at Mambo tutorial to learn about its functionality and design. Default theme of Mambo can be changed anytime and and can be customized as per your requirements.You can change it to a custom Mambo template which can be used for a website.

Mambo functionality can be further extended by adding extra tools for your website. It will help you to create more advanced websites like ecommerce website, forums, gallery etc. Mambo is an excellent website building tool through which you can create personal as well as business website.

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