Microsoft SharePoint services

Do your Windows hosting plans support Microsoft SharePoint services? #

Ans. We offer Microsoft SharePoint services on Windows Dedicated Servers. Using SharePoint you can now share information, collaborate on documents, and collect team knowledge over the Internet or your corporate network with Windows.

Q. What is Windows SharePoint Services? #

Ans Windows SharePoint Services is a highly flexible technology embedded within Microsoft Windows Server 2003 that allows corporates and business groups of all types to raise the throughput of the business processes and improve the team productivity. With various tools for collaboration which help people of various organizations to stay connected across various companies and geographic boundaries, Windows SharePoint Services allows people to access documents and different type of information they may need. With a well known, Web-based interface and integrated tools with the Microsoft Office system of productivity programs, Windows SharePoint Services is very easy to use and can be rapidly deployed. Users can create workspaces and then publish them, store, share, and keep track of the information, documents and workflow.

Built on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 platform, Windows Sharepoint Hosting Services also provides organizations a low cost foundation platform for building Web-based frontend for business applications that easily scale to meet the growing and changing needs of your business. Compact administrative controls for managing the storage and Web infrastructure gives IT departments a low cost solution for implementing and managing a superior performance collaboration environment.

Q. Who should be considering Windows SharePoint Services? #

Ans. Windows SharePoint Services is a technology which allows people to collaborate in browser based workspaces while providing them with extensible application platform and a manageable infrastructure for enhancing the efficiency of web based business processes. Many people are benefited through the improved collaboration and productivity offered by Windows SharePoint Services:

*Organizations, Web Hosting UK business units, and teams looking for increased productivity and access to the information and people, documents that they may need.
*Small or Large Organizations needing to initiate tactical implementation of the collaboration tools, standardize their existing setup, or invest in strategic use of collaboration systems that integrate well with existing line-of-business applications or web hosting setup.
*IT departments of various companies looking for better control and security of their companies data, while adding value and efficiency to lines of the business.
* Web Developers designing rich and highly scalable Web-based applications for hosting requirements.

Q. What is new in the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0? #

Ans. Major improvements to Windows SharePoint Services in Version 3.0 include the following:

Improvements in the collaboration workspaces: SharePoint websites now offer email and directory system integration, alerts, RSS feed publishing, web templates for building blogs (commonly known as weblogs) and wikis (Wikis are Websites which can be easily edited by members of team — no such major technical knowledge is required), event and enhanced website navigation, task tracking, highly improved usability, and much more.

Improvements in the content storage: SharePoint lists as well as libraries now provide per item security for improved data control and integrity, a recycle-bin, and highly enhanced flexibility for storing more content. Row and column capacity is also increased, as well as retrieval speed. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 also integrates with smart client tools. In particular, close integration with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 provides offline access to the events, contacts, discussions, tasks, and documents.

Easier provisioning of work-spaces: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 provides much sophisticated and highly flexible security, as well as better control over the security settings and the permissions. A much robust platform for the Web based applications: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 provides higher flexibility for customization and development of Web based services and applications developed on the Windows SharePoint Services platform.

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