Nameservers change to use your services?

Q. Do I have to change my NameServers to use your services? #

Ans. You are not required to change the nameservers on your domain name to use our services, but we highly recommend doing so. If you don’t wish to change your nameservers, you can obtain the IP addresses for your servers and enter them manually into the DNS records for your domain. You are most welcome to contact our support team if you wish to take our help in updating your DNS records on your remote DNS server.

If you manually point A records of your domain name to IP address of our servers, then you will need to add A record on your DNS server for every sub-domain that you will add in future. You will also need to point MX records of your domain name to our server if you wish to use our email service for your domain name. You will first need to create A records for which will be pointing to IP of our server from your DNS server, then add MX records with priority from 0 – 10 pointing to

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