No. of accounts to host on a VPS

Q. Can I host as many accounts with VPS Hosting #

Ans. There is no limit set by us on the number of accounts you can host on a VPS. You can host as many accounts you wish as long as the space, bandwidth and other resources are available on your VPS. If you purchase a control panel with your VPS, you will be granted an unlimited software license and you can set up as many accounts as you wish. However, that does not mean that every package has the physical resources capable of hosting infinite accounts. We grant you enough resources to set up an ample number of accounts at each package level, but you will find that once you reach a certain level, you will require more resources in order to add further accounts. The types of resources you need will depend on the type of website you host, and the individual resource requirements of those sites. Because of this, it is difficult to arrive at a specific number of sites you can expect to host. In case, you need more resources you can upgrade your account anytime quickly and easily.

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