No. of MySQL Databases allowed your web hosting packages?

Q. How many MySQL databases do you allow on your web hosting packages? #

Ans. We allow unlimited number of MySQL databases on all our web hosting plans. You can create as many MySQL databases as you wish to within the disk space allocated to your account. The only restriction is the web space allocated to every hosting account.

We have set limit upon the number of concurrent MySQL connections on our shared cPanel hosting servers and shared Windows Hosting servers which prevents any MySQL database from establishing more than 50 concurrent connections at any given time. This connection limit allow us to keep our server load under control most of the time and our 99.95% uptime guarantee has been successful mainly due to the MySQL connection limits and Apache concurrent connection limits. Websites with less than 5000 unique visitors per day should not be concerned at all as our MySQL connection limits and Apache connection limits make no difference for those who get less than 5000 unique visitors a day.

There are no such MySQL and Apache connection limits on our VPS HostingCloud Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting plans. You may ask our support team to implement such connection settings on your VPS, Cloud Server or Dedicated Server if you wish to sell shared hosting and reseller hosting service to your customers.

inslyhost has expertise in management of MySQL Servers and we host some of the biggest business mysql database servers in.

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