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Do you offer phpBB website hosting?
Yes, phpBB is supported on all our web hosting packages.phpBB is supported on our linux Web hosting as well as Windows Web hosting.  phpBB is a PHP MySQL based so no problems on our servers as all our servers include PHP and MySQl.

phpBB website hosting include lots features such as easy to use control panel, multiple tools, secure servers and the best thing is 24×7 support via email, phone and live chat. Our Website Hosting packages include full support for phpBB along with free installation, free resources at affordable prices. All our web hosting plans support multiple domains which makes easy to manage websites. All you need is signup for a hosting package as per your requirements for phpBB Web Hosting.

PHPBB Hosting Features

*Free phpBB installation
*Instant phpBB Account Setup
*Easy phpBB Account Upgrade
*phpBB Optimized Servers
*Multiple Domains and databases
*Unlimited email accounts
*CPanel and Fantastico
*PHP 5.x and MySQL 5.x
*99.95% Uptime Guarantee
*30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
*24×7 UK Customer Support

phpBB is the most powerful and commonly used forum software used these days. It is suitable for newbies as well as more technically sound users. You can create mid sized forum or a forum for large communities using phpBB. The best thing is phpBB is open source project and it is available for free.

phpBB is powerful software along with easy to use administrator panel. You can create unlimited forums and categories. Features such as Polls, smilies , emailing , permissions and other such can be added easily as well.Forum can be controlled as such that you can bam specific IP’s , email adresses or users.PhpBB forum can be installed and activated within 15 minutes. With our Linux web hosting account, phpBB can be installed at a one click through fantastico.

phpBB is highly secured in terms of authorization system and high encryption that helps to save all passwords save.You can slect the theme for phpBB as per your requirements.You can select which are available for free on web. You can even use CSS to change colors and fonts. phpBB supports cookies section as well.

Unlimited number of users can be created using phpBB. A user can create avatars, send private messages to other users of the forum, etc on phpBB forum. Posts can edited and managed easily as the interface of phpBB is uer friendly.

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