phpBB support.

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Q. Do you support phpBB? #

Ans. PhpBB is considered to be one of the most popular open source forum/message board systems available on the Internet. To be able to host this software, you would obviously require a fast, reliable and secure web server, which is what inslyHost is know for. We fully support phpBB discussion forum on our web servers. Choose from a wide range of our Web Hosting services to provide yourself reliable and safe environment for your phpBB discussion board. You can install phpBB forum software with only a few clicks from Fantastico in your cPanel hosting control panel.

Our Web Hosting plans ranging from Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers to Fully Managed Dedicated Servers bring you affordable PhpBB Hosting with enough room to allow your community to growWe also support other discussion Bulletin Boards such as SMF, vBulletin, MyBB etc.

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