PHPwcms Web Hosting

Q. Do you offer PHPWCMS Hosting service? #

Ans: Yes, PHPWCMS is supported on all our web hositing plans. You can consider Linux Hosting or Windows Web hosting package as per your space and bandwidth requirements. PHPWCMS is supported on any web hosting package which supports PHP and MySQl. PHP and MySQL are the main requirements for hosting a PHPWCMS website and PHP , MYSQL is pre-installed on all our servers.

inslyhost has a vast experience in managing and hosting content management systems. You can always rely on us for your CMS website hosting service as we offer  professional and friendly support 24×7. We offer 24×7 uninterrupted support via phone, email and live chat service.

PHPwcms Hosting Features Incude: #

*Free PHPwcms installation
*Instant Account Setup
*Easy Hosting Account Upgrade
*PHPwcms Optimized Servers
*Multiple Domains and databases
*Unlimited email accounts
*CPanel and Fantastico
*PHP 5.x and MySQL 5.x
*99.95% Uptime Guarantee
*30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
*24×7 UK Customer Support

inslyhost offers everything you need for PHPwcms website hosting exeperience. phpWCMS is an open source content managemnet system released under the GNU. PHPWCMS is fast and and easy to setup within few minutes.phpWCMS works on every standard web server platform which supports PHP and MySQL. PHPWCMS is best for professional, public and private users. Moreover its very easy to learn and gives more flexibility in layout and content.

PhpWCMS general features #

*Platform independent – tested on Linux, Windows 2000/XP/2003, MacOS X install/setup GUI (creates database, config file)
*Backend translated into 13 languages (English, German, Danish, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Lithuanian)
*Backend users (admin/normal user), frontend users in preparation

PhpWCMS layout features #

*W3C conform frontend rendering
*Unlimited pagelayouts – pagelayout wizard supports content rendering as table, div or custom
*Unlimited templates (1 per site structure level) – template editor included with support for custom html *Head, onLoad JavaScripts and error messages, CSS file per template possible
*Unlimited nested site structure levels – there is no limitation
*Alias for every structure level possible, hidden level
*Support for meta tag keyword and description
*Many powerful replacement tags
*Articles/pages are build by using content parts – article can have summary and/or redirection info

PhpWCMS editing features #

*Multiple WYSIWYG editors included: HTMLarea 3 (IE5.5+, Mozilla 1.3+), Spaw (IE5.5+), FCKeditor IE5.5+),
frontend CSS editor
*Structures, articles and content parts can be cut and paste and sorted
*Image resize functions included (GD1/2 and/or ImageMagick/GhostScript) – upload high end image and use it for every needed size (automatic thumbnail creation)
*File manager
*Backend messages
*Backend chat
*User profiles
*Articles can have start and end date/time

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