Rebooting my VPS

Q. Is it possible for me to reboot the VPS? Does that imply that I have to somehow monitor the VPS and the site it runs, and take corrective action myself? #

Ans. Our VPS Hosting plans are powered by Virtuozzo Power Panel, a powerful VPS management tool which is provided as standard with Linux/Windows VPS Hosting plans. Virtuozzo allows you to reboot your VPS from your end if you need to do so after installation of some software or anything else which requires the virtual environment to be rebooted.

Additionally with Virtuozzo you will be able to stop and start services, view the running process and set up alerts to notify you if there is a problem with your VPS. Virtuozzo powered VPSs offer an order of magnitude higher efficiency and manageability than traditional virtualization technologies.

If there are any hardware problems or anything else which results in downtime then our VPS team will send you an email notification and our phone support team will call you if the downtime is expected to exceed a time frame of 10 – 20 minutes.

Our responsibility is to keep the VPS nodes up and running with minimum uptime of 99.95%, but VPS Hosting customers should contact our VPS support team on weekends to get security settings updated on their VPS and enable monitoring services for their VPS.

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