Reset or Retrieve Joomla Password

Reset or Retrieve Joomla Password #

How to reset my Joomla administrator password? #

Similar to WordPress Hosting WordPress Hosting, there is a provision of lost password retrieval functionality, you can find that on the login page where it says “forgot password”. This procedure is much simpler than the following. If you happen to have forgotten the email address that you had used at the time of Joomla installation, you can change the Email address from the cPanel PhPMyAdmin to a convenient one and retrieve your password by mailing it to yourself.

Alternate Method to Reset Joomla Super Admin Password #

Before you proceed any further with resetting your Joomla Admin password, it is necessary for you to check whether you have an access to your Joomla website’s database. If not, then you must forward the following procedure to anybody who has it. Before you go about making any changes to the Joomla database, we would suggest you to take a backup and store it at a safe location (maybe on your local machine), this would help you avoid any future hassles incase things goes wrong somewhere.

Primary Steps – #

The password is stored in the MySQL database jos_users table password field

Step 1 : You must log-in and look for your Joomla websites database. You can do that via. PhpMyAdmin. (Note : Incase you multiple website databases on the server, you should look for the one whose password you wish to reset)

Step 2 : Once in, you must look for the option that allows you to edit the jos_users table. It is usually preceded by your account name.

Step 3 : You must Edit the entry username = “Administrator”

Steps to Reset Joomla Admin password: #

In the box against the password field, you should find some alphanumeric characters. The Joomla CMS makes use of one way encoding methodology, what it does is, it restricts users from retrieving the existing password. Its only possible to reset it using the MySQL’s in-built MD5 functionality:

UPDATE `jos_users` SET `password` = MD5( ‘new password’ ) WHERE `jos_users`.`username` = “Administrator”;

On doing this, you can easily reset your password. Now, you can try to login to your Joomla website using the new admin details.

If none of the above steps work out well, you should contact our technical support department who would help you reset the password in no time.

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