Reset WordPress Admin password

Before we start with the steps for changing admin password of WordPress lets take a small brief about WordPress. WordPress is an open source supportive community that works great as a blogging tool with rich set of opportunities for creating blogs of an individual.  If you are planing to have your own website then the best choice for a blog application would be WordPress. WordPress has an intuitive administration interface which is easy to handle and to compose a post and publish it on your website needs and it requires only few step with WordPress environment. WordPress offers an easy to install customizable features called wordPress themes which are available on the Internet for free of cost.

Now lets see how to reset WordPress admin password?

The most easy and convenient way to change your Admin password is through the database via phpMyAdmin tool at your hosting account for that Jump through the WordPress database directly. Once you get entered in phpMyAdmin then select the WordPress database from the drop-down menu. Open the SQL tab from the top navigation bar and you will see different tables.

Write the following SQL query to Update Password of Admin:

UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass` = MD5( ‘Please enter new password’ ) WHERE `wp_users`.`user_login` = “Newadmin_UserName”;

Please enter new password – Write the new password you wish to use and replace it with the existing password.

Newadmin_UserName – Replace this with the New UserName the password.

Please submit the query by hitting the Go button. If everything goes correct then you should be able to login to WordPress with the new UseName and password.

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