Reset WordPress password Forcibly

How to reset the WordPress password ? #

You may try retrieving the password by clicking the “Lost your password?” option available on the wp-admin login screen. Then, you are required to enter your username or the registered email address. WordPress would check its database for the details that you have entered, if they match, a new password would be sent to your mailing address in an instant.

But, there are instances when this procedure is of no help and you cannot figure out a way to access your WordPress admin area. In that case, you must do it through the WordPress database. The simplest method of managing your WordPress Database is through phpMyAdmin which is offered with your WordPress Hosting package.

Upon accessing the phpMyAdmin, you must choose the database that your WordPress website is using. You must then click it, after which you would be able to view different tables of your database. Now, you must look for the SQL tab located at the top of the navigation bar.

Now, you must type the below SQL query in the field provided:


UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass` = MD5( ‘new_password_here‘ ) WHERE `wp_users`.`user_login` = “admin_username”


NOTE: You must type your new intended password and in place of the terms “new_password_here”.
You must type your username by replacing “admin_username”.

Having done that, simply select the GO tab for submitting the query.

Assuming the you have followed the exact steps mentioned above, you should now be able to easily login to your WordPress blog with the details that you have just submitted.

Note: It is suggested to change your password on a regular basis. The password you choose should be Alpha Numeric and such that it cannot be guessed easily.

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