Secure Service Layer (SSL) Certificate FAQs

Secure Service Layer (SSL) Certificate FAQs – Continued #

Do you offer Secure Seal with the SSL Certificate ? #

Only if you have a Private SSL Certificate, you’d be allowed to add a Secure Seal symbol to your webpage. You only need to include a simple Java script into your website, after which the Secure Site Seal would be automatically generated and displayed.

Users must make a note that if you are using a Shared SSL Certificate, you the Secure Site Seal cannot be used on your website.

What are the types of SSL Certificates you offer ? #

Following is a brief about the SSL Certs we offer :

  • Alpha SSL
  • Domain SSL
  • Organization SSL
  • Alpha SSL Wildcard
  • Domain SSL Wildcard
  • Organization SSL WildCard
  • Extended SSL

You may please visit SSL Certificate to get detailed information about the plans, features and pricing.

The domain is hosted with InslyHost, but registered with a different registrar ? #

No problem, you can still order an SSL from us. There are certain that you’d be asked to furnish before an SSL is generated for your domain. We would be taking care of its installation.

I don’t find an SSL of my interest being offered by you. #

In that case, you may purchase the SSL certificate and give us the details, we will install it for you at no extra cost.

What is the turn-around time for issuance of an SSL ? #

Ideally, it should take no longer than sixty minutes. The only delay which may arise is due to a delayed response from you with replying to the email sent by us about SSL Certificate Request. In this email we would expect you to furnish certain details as mentioned below :

– Host to make Certificate for the domain : ( OR )
– Country(2 letter Abbreviation):
– Address 1(postal Address):
– State:
– City:
– Zip/Postal Code:
– Company Name:
– Company Division:
– Email:
– Password:

Also, you must create [email protected] (replace with the domain name that you want the SSL certificate to be setup ) and provide us with the password so that we can complete the installation process.

Whether to use the domain with or without ‘www’ for installation of SSL Certificate ? #

It solely depends on how you’ve configured your website. You may test this by browsing your website, if the url stays at the domain name and doesn’t get redirected to www followed by the domain name and vice-versa, then the SSL must be configured for the URL without ‘www’.

The website cannot be accessed after the installation of SSL #

Once an SSL is installed onto your web hosting UK account, it is possible that you might not be able to access your website as you are required to make changes to the DNS of the domains A records.

Its even possible that after the installation, the site might still be resolving with the old DNS settings. Sometime needs to be passed for the DNS propagation and take effect. In the meantime, you may clear the browser’s cache and flush the local DNS.

Does the plans include the cost of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate? #

Yes, every hosting plan comes inclusive of a Shared SSL, you are not required to pay anything extra. All you need to do is send an email to support[@]

While you may choose from a list of Dedicated SSL Certificates that we offer instead.

Can I use a Dedicated SSL for a Sub-domain ?F #

There is no restriction on using a Dedicated SSL certificate for a Sub-domain. You just need to include the sub-domain when replying to the SSL Certificate Request email which would be sent by us.

Note: A single Standard SSL purchased, can only be installed on a domain OR a subdomain. If you wish to cover them both using a single certificate, a WildCard SSL must be chosen, as explained below.

While, if you’ve placed an order for the WildCard SSL certificate, the sub-domains would be included by default and you need not specify them separately.

Would an SSL installation onto a domain cause an impact on the performance of the website ? #

A secure connection at times be a bit slower than an insecure connection, this is due to the encryption/decryption process that is undergone between the server and the browser. This is one of the reason’s why an SSL should be implemented for the pages with crucial information alike the pages that take credit card details, personal information etc. Doing this would avoid causing a negative impact on the overall performance of a website.

Do I need to buy a new Certificate if I upgrade hosting ? #

No, there is no need to purchase a different SSL when switching plans. If you upgrade to a Cloud Hosting service or to any other package, the same SSL would be used on the server. Though, you may be asked to pay for the IP address if you are switching between products.

Can I switch the domain name on which an SSL is installed ? #

No, that isn’t possible as an SSL is generated for a particular domain and which cannot be used for any other domain name.

If you wish to use it for a different domain, you need to order a new SSL.

The website does not work well after the installation of SSL #

That’s normal, you might not get the same performance for a couple of hours as you used to get prior to the installation. This is because, atleast 24-48 hours are required for the propagation of the IP address, once it is successful, your site should regain the functionality as per your expectations.

For any assistance with SSL Certificates, you are requested to come on Live Chat or raise a support request from our Support HelpDesk.

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