Secure Ways of File Transfer on Servers

A server holds crucial mission critical data which may range from your different passwords to customer information. It would be your top most priority to keep it secure and away from theft. Furthermore, maintaining its security during the transfer process.

FTP – File Transfer Protocol #

From an experienced webmasters perspective, an FTP is considered to be one of the reliable and trusted sources for a usual file transfer process. Most site owners have been using it since long time. Due to its extensive usage, exploiters have found ways of exploiting the weak spots of FTP applications making it an insecure option hence giving rise to a possibility of interception of your data or private password information. This option may cause serious concern to webmasters working on web applications with a live connection or those who run frequent live updates.

SCP – Secure Copy #

Few of the alternate solutions can ease your worries with the possibility of data theft during the transfer process. SCP or Secure Copy can be considered for that purpose. It makes use of an SSH for transferring files over the world wide web. As a default feature, Linux servers are pre-equipped with a command line tool for SCP, its graphical clients for Windows can be downloaded here : WinSCP.


An alternate option of SFTP can be considered as well. This is another trusted source for carrying out transfer of files in a secure manner. Similar to SCP, SFTP makes use of an encrypted SSH login for secure connections. It can used in combination of multiple widely used FTP clients for example FileZilla.

Despite managing your web hosting UK server on your own, it is strongly suggested to refrain using an admin account for either uploading or downloading files to and from the server. With this, you can avoid the risk compromising your servers security while transferring files. Note that despite using an encrypted medium, your server might still be compromised. Therefore, it is advisable to use a normal account that has restricted permissions for transferring files. Upon completion of the uploading or downloading process, you may log-out and re-login through SSH as root and proceed with moving the files your desired destinations within the server.

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