Servers Redundancy

Q. Do you use redundancy in your servers? #

Ans. Even though all server types can be redundant in principle, it is typically consumption web servers that are set up redundantly. Redundancy ensures that visitors to an Internet site can still access the website even if one web server goes down, for example due to hardware failure or is overloaded. Another advantage of redundant servers is that the system load can be spread over all available servers (Load Balanced Servers). This is especially useful in situations of high-volume traffic, when many users access the website at the same time. It prevents one server from being overloaded while another stands idle and could easily take some of the load.

Redundancy option is available on all our low and high configuration dedicated servers. We also offer customized Windows load balanced serversLinux load balanced servers & Server Mirroring Solutions at very economical prices, so if you have custom dedicated server hosting requirements, our engineers can help assess and recommend solutions for all your custom hosting needs.

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