Setting up accounts on Reseller Hosting

Q. How do I set-up hosting accounts once my reseller hosting account is created? #

Ans. After your Reseller Hosting account is created, your main account will have it’s own Control Panel CPanel/WHM, just like all the other web hosting accounts you’ll create for your customers. However, the difference between your main account and all the other accounts is that your main account will be given Reseller Privileges. You will have your own reseller interface called Web Host Manager (WHM) which is what you’ll use to manage your web hosting business: create hosting accounts, set storage space and bandwidth limits, suspend/unsuspend accounts, and much more.

Set-up Web Hosting Packages #

While creating packages, you’ll want to decide exactly what you want to provide in the web hosting plans you want to sell. You’ll have to decide things like:

  • How much storage space and bandwidth to allocate to each account?
  • How many email accounts to allocate to each account?
  • How much are you going to sell your web hosting plans for?

Once you’ve decided all these factors, you may log in to your WebHost Manager and setup packages. Packages make creating new web hosting accounts quickly and in a convenient manner because you’re essentially pre-defining all the above variables so that you only have to choose a package name when creating an account.

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