Setting up Teamspeak on a Dedicated Server

If you are interested in setting up Teamspeak on your *nix dedicated server, simple follow these instructions:

1) Login to SSH as root

2) #useradd ts

3) This should of automatically created a directory called /ts in /home (/home/ts) – if it hasn’t, run #mkdir /home/ts

4) #chown -R ts /home/ts

5) #passwd ts

6) #su ts

7) #cd /home/ts/

8) #wget

9) #tar -jxvf ts2_server_rc2_202319.tar.bz2

10) #cd tss2_rc2

11) #mv * ../

12) #cd ../

13) #rm -rfv tss2_rc2 (BE CAREFUL WITH THIS COMMAND!)

14) #./teamspeak2-server_startscript start

And you’re done 🙂

If you have any firewalls installed, you will need to open ports 8767, and possibly 14534.

[alert] Note : Please do not install this on a VPS system, as it may strain the system recourses. Sufficient Linux shell knowledge required. The contents of this article are deemed to be correct, but we cannot guarantee it is error free, and therefore accept no responsibility for any damage it may cause to your server. INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK. [/alert]

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