Shared hosting to VPS hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and it can be the next step to upgrade from shared hosting. This Virtual Private Server (VPS) is designed to be economical, by allowing multiple customers to share the resources of one powerful Server. VPS is runs a complete separate operating system for each VPS customers. This is the main difference between Virtual Private Server and Shared Server. You will also get full root access in VPS and can enjoy many of the benefits of a dedicated server. Each VPS has its own users, IP addresses, and firewall. Each VPS has its own set of guaranteed resources. Before choosing hosting provider, you must consider the following points given below:-
1)    Choose a hosting provider whose data center is geographically close to your targeted audience.

2) Choose one who can understand your hosting needs well and who provide ardent service and technical support 24x7x365 days via Phone Support, Chats, Email.

3) Before ordering a VPS, you should also confirm their VPS’s node hardware Configurations (RAM, CPU, etc), Network Connectivity, and Virtualization software. Majority of the hosting providers are using Virtuozzo it is bit pricey though, but when comes to quality and performance you will have to best of it.

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