Shared SSL or Dedicated SSL for Whoiscart?

Q. Does it matter that I have a shared IP for using Whoiscart and is it worth me getting a dedicated SSL? #

Ans: Both Shared and Dedicated SSL fulfill the main aim of SSL; i.e. transmitting data in encrypted form over the networks, so it depends on you whether to stay with Shared SSL or opt for Dedicated SSL. One of the main considerations in using a shared or dedicated SSL is the URL and how it will appear to your customers.

With Shared SSL, the URL may look something like this:

Whilst with dedicated SSL, the URL is determined by you, either as another registered domain or as a sub domain of your website domain name. You can have your private secure URL such as –

Dedicated SSL gives your site a more professional appearance in their address bar when someone is in the secure area. Using Dedicated SSL certificate projects a better image to your clients. You can place a private SSL secured seal on your site and build the trust of it.

We offer SSL certificate for £29 per year. A dedicated IP is free if you purchase the SSL certificate from us.

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