SharePoint VPS Hosting Plans

The new SharePoint VPS Hosting plans are ideal for businesses positively looking to outsource their existing SharePoint 2010 requirements.

The SharePoint VPS Hosting is a type of web hosting which is formed using the Hyper-V hardware virtualization technology and are based on the Cloud VPS Servers, which ensures 100% network uptime guarantee SLA. The clients are offered with the same features they would expect from the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 along with greater reliability.

All the SharePoint VPS are hosted in the Tier IV data center, that helps to eliminate issues which troubles most of the data centers. The Tier IV data center facilities ensures that the clients receives redundant solutions and high-speed network connectivity.

As a part of SharePoint Hosting, each SharePoint VPS Server consists of its own Active Directory allowing clients to have complete control over the SharePoint environment. In order to offer supreme availability and redundancy to the clients, a highly available, shared SQL 2008 Server is utilized  and have been mirrored. It offers a scalable environment with a minimum investment. SharePoint VPS plans are absolutely perfect for companies/organizations having multiple offices and wish to outsource their SharePoint needs.

The SharePoint VPS plans offers appealing features such as advanced document management, permitting users to check, read and modify the document virtually, which allows companies to keep an eye on the activities of their staff members.

If you’re looking for a reliable and secure business web hosting solution, Sharepoint Hosting plans guarantees the lowest prices and offer the best hosting services to accommodate your future growth needs. These plans includes everything that you need to successfully run and improve your website / business. “There are various benefits of SharePoint Virtual Private Server Hosting, especially if you choose to use our SharePoint VPS service. You can find a more detailed information of our SharePoint VPS Hosting packages on our website.”

With you can select from a wide range of superior and cheap web hosting services. The huge experienced and knowledgeable staff is available round the clock to answer all your questions and solve all your issues you may have with the servers.

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