Should I use CSS or not?

In short CSS is a better solution to save bandwidth and have better control over styling. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Why should you use CSS? Very simple answer, because it is the next generation for styling, it saves bandwidth, and because many HTML tags like the underline tag has been deprecated by W3C. Many websites still don’t take advantage of CSS, and once you get to know how powerful CSS is surely you will start using CSS on your website. Imagine if you could put all your styling in a different file, well you can do this with CSS. If you haven’t used CSS on your website before do consider using CSS because there are many advantages of it. And lastly did you know many students learn CSS and take it further into a profitable hobby?

With laws which were recently past in the UK, webmasters have the responsibility to ensure that their website is accessible. Using CSS effectively with modern markup standards as determined by the W3C can ensure your website(s) comply with these regulations, and to ensure your website is accessible as possible.

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