SSH Commands to manage a Dedicated server

Dedicated server are been choice of many online businesses because of the server configuration and features that are used to design a dedicated server may lead a webmaster towards his expected results. The central control every single aspect of hosting resources can make task easy for to manage a dedicated server and if you are not familiar with using shell (SSH) you will find the commands below a good start. They are amongst the most used ones by all the administrators worldwide.

top : This command display the information about the currently running processes on your server, uptime, cpu usage and memory usage and many more.

ls  : This command will display the content of a directory.

ps -auxf : This command will display the currently running processes on the server.

who : This command will display the users currently logged via SSH on your server.

Pwd : This command will display the directory you are currently in.

rm sample_file.txt : This command is used to delete the sample_file.txt file;

rm -rf sample_folder : This command will delete the sample_folder directory and all the content in it;

tail sample.file : This command will show you the last lines of a file. It is very useful when you read logs;

tail -n100 sample.file : This command will show the last 100 lines of the sample.file file;

mkdir test_dir : This command will create a new directory named test_dir

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