Steps required to write a new post in WordPress

WordPress is an open source blog witting and publishing platform created with the  open source scripting language PHP to post any blogs with different plugins and features and with interactive theme. The wordpress blog themes can be easily customized and redesign according to niche of the website. It is a web software with any individual can create a beautiful webpage hosting website or blog.  WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. It is fast, effective blogging tool and easy to install with few steps. The GUI(Graphical User Interface) of WordPress is simple but it takes few steps to write and post a blog from WordPress.

1. To post a Blog from a WordPress you first need to have a successful logging with .http://wordPress

2. After a successful login you will see tabs on left side from which you have to select ‘AddNew’  from post menu. You will have a empty Blog editor with different formatting options to post your blog.

3. Add a title to your blog and content in the editor section. You can add Image and redirect with your require URL.

4. After editing content you can add tags and keyword related to your post which help you to improve with niche of your website.

5. Once the content and tags get ready with you can click over ‘Preview button’ at right to see if the changes made by you works for your blog or not.

6. To finalize the post Click on ‘Post’ button and you will have a View post link through which you can generate paramlink of your blog. To save current changes use Update button.

WordPress has a template processor developed using web template system through which users of any kind can re-arrange widgets and install themes without editing PHP or HTML code. WordPress is a free blog with different features like link management with search engine-friendly environment, permalink structure with the ability to assign nested, multiple categories to articles, blogs with different themes.

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