Switching hosts? Things to do!

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Wish to switch your hosting service? Here are certain steps which you need to follow in order to successfully transfer the website from one hosting provider to another without any issues.

Things to do: #

1. Before you have signed up with another host and your data has been successfully transferred you should not cancel your current hosting service. Many users inform the old hosting provider about the migration which should be done but not before the site is completely set up with the new host.

If the server  is cancelled with the old host before the site is live with the new provider then you would have to face a lot of downtime and data may be lost as well. So it is always advisable to first make  the migration then cancel the old service.

2. To make things simpler you should ensure that if you have  a particular control panel like cPanel or Plesk then the new host has the same as well.

After that you need to take backup of your files by downloading the backups using the control panel. This can be easily done with the cPanel’s Backup option and then the backup files can be easily retrieved as well to be moved to the new host.

3. When you have the backup you can look to transfer it to the new host. Using the details provided by the web hosting provider you can upload your backup files to the new hosting account.

The backup  files which were downloaded earlier can be uploaded to the new server by using the backup restore feature of the control panel.

4. Now it is time to change the Name Servers. After the transfer is done and the data is uploaded you can ask the service provider to change the name servers to point to the new location.

5. Even after the migration is successful you still need to wait for the site to be propagated. It takes about 12-24 hours for the changes to take effect.

6. After that is done you can check if the site is working fine and then cancel your old hosting account.

If you keep in mind these simple things then switching to a new host would not be a problem for you and the transfer would be seamless as well.

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