Transferring Website Data via FTP

Q. Can you help transfer my website to your servers? #

Ans. Yes, we do assist our customers with their website data migration on to our servers once they sign-up for a hosting service with us. In order to accomplish this, we require information of the existing web hosting account from those clients which is the login details of the hosting control panel they are using currently and the FTP login information for the current web host. With these details, we’ll be able to copy the complete website data over to our servers. Customers can then update the nameservers of their domain names and point them to our web servers to switch the services over to our web hosting service.

Nameservers information of your web hosting account with us will be sent in the welcome email after the hosting account is setup. Apart from nameservers, the welcome email will also contain other necessary account information such as control panel login details, FTP information and billing information.

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