Unable to create sub domains

There isn’t any restriction set by us on creating sub domains in your web hosting africa account. If you are unable to create sub-domains, there is a possibility that your domain name isn’t pointing to the name servers provided to you in the welcome email sent. It may be possible that the propagation of name servers is yet to be completed. In that case, you must wait for 24 – 72 hours until the propagation gets completed and then retry creating the sub domains.

You can alternately check whether the domain has successfully propagated by using the following simple steps :

Step 1 : Access the Command prompt on your local machine (You may run cmd on Windows to access the DOS or Command prompt )

Step 2 : Run the below command

TRACERT yourdomainname.com


You should be able to see a similar screen as shown below :


Step 3 : Check whether the IP displayed is the same as the one that is provided to you in the Welcome email, then it clear that the domain has been successfully propagated and pointing to InslyHost name-servers. Then, you can proceed with adding sub-domains to your account. But, if the IP displayed does not match, then you must wait until the propagation process is over.

If you need any assistance with creating sub-domains, please contact our Technical Support Department either via. Live Chat or send an email to support[@]InslyHost.com describing the issue and your requirements.

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