Using an existing website with your web hosting?

Q. Can I use an existing website with your web hosting service? #

Ans. You can certainly use an existing website with any of our  Hosting package. You will need to upload a copy of your website to our web servers, which is typically done using a web publishing program or an FTP transfer program. To use an existing website with our Web Hosting. account, we recommend uploading and updating your site with FTP. We will provide you with FTP account information in the welcome email which will be sent as soon as your account is setup. Welcome email will also contain other necessary account information such as nameservers information, control panel details and billing information apart from FTP account information. You can use those details to upload your website files and manage all other aspects of the website through cPanel, Plesk or DotNetPanel control panel depending upon the web hosting plan you have chosen. You will also need to make sure that you upload your contents inside public_html directory.

To use an existing domain name, you can choose to transfer the domain name to our registry or just point the nameservers of the domain name to our servers. Nameservers propagation usually takes 4-6 hours after which the website will resolve from our servers.

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