vBulletin and IPB

There has been a strong competition between vBulletin forum application and the IPB application since longtime. These are two of the widely used forum applications chosen by webmasters. The following information offers a brief understanding and the difference between the two, which must help you choose an ideal solution for starting your own forum based website.


Advantages : vBulletin vs IPB Forum application #

vBulletin IPB
Offers an ability to the users to start a poll and track them on   user-to-user basis Compatible with MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle databases
Compatible with XHTML Users can customize the attachment placement
Admins can keep a track of user logging Hot topics are displayed in searches
Drafted messages are allowed to post Enables users to set different forum rules
One can track particular member participation Users can post address books, message drafts and attachments in private messages
Offers simple to use plugin installer Users can be banned based upon the email address

Disadvantages : vBulletin and IPB Forum application #

vBulletin IPB
Costlier than IPB Users need to pay for add-on modules for integration with other applications
Users need to pay for add-on modules for integrating applications with vBulletin Some difference in operability is seen in different versions.
Incompatible with MSSQL or Oracle databases. Users need to stick to MySQL only. Users need to pay for the drivers for MSSQL and Oracle
Cannot attach files in private messages Inability to install skins or themes instantly.

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