Viewing site without nameservers propagation

Q. Can I view my website even though my domain’s nameservers haven’t propagated yet? #

Ans. Yes, you can view your website even if your domain’s nameservers haven’t propagated yet. This is how you can access the domain –


(The IP address of the server you are hosted on will be provided to you upon sign-up.)

Generally a new domain name takes about 24 to 48 hours to propagate all over the world wide internet. After the propagation across the Internet has completed, you will then be able to use your domain name.

The first sign that the propagation is nearing completion is when your domain name shows unavailable when performing a WHOIS search. If you view the WHOIS information provided and it shows you as the owner, then your domain name has either completed propagation or will complete within the next day or two. When you yourself are able to point your browser to and see your web site as well as assuring a few of your friends can do the same, then propagation has completed. To view the status of your domain name check multiple WHOIS searches rather than just one.

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