VMware vCenter operations Manager custom UIs fails Error

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After changing the admin password the custom UIs fails, so Login VMware vCenter operations Manager

Indications #

Via script “resetadminpwd.sh” the password of the admin user for VMware vCenter Operations Manager has been reset recently. Using the admin account, the access to Analytics virtual machines and UI is working. Custom UIs and the vSphere are inaccessible.

An error: Invalid password or username appears while trying to log into the UI.

Reason #

After the admin password for the VMware vCenter Operations Manager is changed, but the hash value of the password in the Postgres database does not get updated.

Resolution #

Update the hash value of the admin password for the VMware vCenter Operations Manager in the Postgres database.

  1. Sign in as the admin user in the UI virtual machine.
  2. Generate the hash value by running the command for the admin password.
vcops-admin encrypt admin_user_password

[alert]Note: following output of similar kind will be returned.

[email protected]


3. Login as root user to the Analytics virtual machine.

4. Run the following command to shift to the Postgres user account.

su – Postgres

5. Run the command to launch the psql utility.

psql –d alivevm

[alert]Note: prompt changes to alivevm=#.[/alert]

6. Using the hash value returned in the 2nd step update the admin user password, by executing a command analogous to:

update useraccount set password=’migh37DFXib3pMyU8+Gfpw [email protected]’
where useraccount=’admin’;

[alert]Note: Replace

[email protected]

with the value returned in the 2nd step. [/alert]

7. By running the following command exit psql utility.


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