VPS Hosting FAQs

Q. What is included in a VPS hosting plan ? #

:- The only programs that come pre-installed and set up on each of our VPS hosting plans are:

* The Operating System
* Anything included with a basic install of that Operating System
* The webserver for that Operating System (e.g. Apache on Linux, IIS on Windows)

If you opt for cPanel/Plesk control panel with your VPS, then the installation will include PHP and MySQL but any non-control panel VPS will not include any extra applications such as PHP and MySQL. All of these can be installed by you and configured as they need them. They are both available free of charge from their vendors.


What can I install on my VPS?

A VPS is similar to a dedicated server in terms of features and access level it offers. This means you can install pretty much any applications or add-ons that you need, and set them up exactly as per your requirements. You will have full administrative/root SSH access to the VPS which would allow you the flexibility to do so. The only restrictions which You would need to bear in mind are the physical limitations such as disk space, RAM, CPU allocated to your VPS.

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