WebSite gives Error after SSL installation

Post a Secure Socket Layer or SSL installation over your website hosting account, it might happen sometimes that you cannot access your site.

Such a problem is basically because the DNS records of your domain name’s A-records haven’t got updated. Post an SSL installation it may be possible that your website still serves the requests and resolves from your previous domain name server/s. Ideally, the required amendments to the DNS settings must happen instantly, yet there is a chance that your site is accessible due to the cached DNS information.

In case, a site doesn’t respond post ssl installation, you must allow few hours pass-by, so that DNS gets propagated properly. Once this procedure is successfully completed, it should be possible for you to access your website without an issue. It may sometimes take approximately 24 hours for the propagation to complete.

In the meanwhile, you should delete the cache records of your browser and your local DNS cache as well.

If you notice that, even after the estimated time has passed and your website is still showing problem after ssl installation, you can contact the support department and seek help via. Live Chat or Help Desk. Every issue related to SSL Certificate would be responded almost instantly upon informing.

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