Websites with their own Control Panel

Q. I want to run two or more websites which would have their own individual control panel? Do you have any hosting plan which I can use in this case. #

Ans. For individual control panel access for each of your hosted websites, our Reseller Hosting and  plans would be perfect for your requirement. You can create unlimited accounts with individual control panel access under your Reseller Hosting/Cheap VPS Hosting plan. All of our Linux VPS Hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting plans come with cPanel/WHM control panel. WHM allows you to add, create and manage unlimited number of accounts and hence you can host multiple websites with dedicated control panel access for each of those websites. This however doesn’t mean that you cannot host multiple websites on our cPanel Hosting plans. Multiple Domains Hosting feature is supported on cPanel Hosting plans in the form of add-on domains. An add-on domain is a new domain that is added on top of your main domain. It creates a sub directory within your main web hosting UK directory but can show a different website.

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