What can be the Maximum Size of the Email Attachment?

Q. What is the size of mailbox on various web hosting plans you offer, and what can be the maximum size of an email attachment? #


Ans. As a user, you can create unlimited mailboxes on all of our web hosting plans. These mailboxes can be of unlimited quota as the actual filled data would be considered as your usage and it makes no difference what quota you assign to each mailbox while adding them. In other words, your mailbox size is limited only by the size of the web hosting plan. This means that the combined size of your website and email may not exceed the space allocated in your web hosting plan. In case, you are close to your disk space usage limit, you will be notified and given an opportunity to upgrade your hosting plan or reduce your stored mail size.

With regards to email attachments size limit, the maximum file size which can be sent in an email attachment is limited to 10 MB.

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