What is average response time of customer support?

Q. What is average response time of customer support? #

Ans. The average response time for support tickets raised via our 24×7 helpdesk is 25-30 minutes without an auto response. The maximum resolution time cannot be committed though as it depends on how critical the support issue is. We recommend our clients to use ticket support for complicated issues as they usually take a few hours to resolve whilst for smaller issues, live chat and phone support are the best support modes as small issues can be resolved within a few minutes and you as a client won’t need to call back again or come back on live chat. We provide 24×7 live chat, helpdesk and phone support so we can guarantee that a member of our team will deal with your issue quickly and professionally. You can help us provide top quality support by providing your domain name and/or any relevant information when submitting your question.

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